Payment Options

Zip Pay

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After Pay

Shop as usual at Sage Dentistry & Cosmetic then choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.


At Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics you can Buy now, pay later with humm!

Sage Dental offers a range of dental payment plan options

At Sage Dental on the Sunshine Coast and North Lakes, we understand that dental treatment can be difficult to fit into your budget, which is why we offer a range of different dental payment plan options.

Rather than delaying necessary dental treatment we like to give our patients the flexibility to pay off their dental treatment with interest free options. We feel this is the best way to help our patients reach their ideal dental health.

We offer a combination of ZipMoney Health, AfterPay and Humm payment plans depending on the dental practice you chose to attend. These payment plans make the cost of dental treatment more manageable by spacing payments out over time.
If dental problems are left, they will progress and can result in more extensive and more expensive dentistry. Sometimes, if dental problems are left too long they can result in toothache and pain or having to extract teeth, which is also painful. For example, a small area of dental decay can be treated with a small white filling. If left untreated this dental decay can progress over time to infect and kill the nerve inside the tooth. This causes a toothache or dental abscess, which is often very painful. Once a tooth is in this situation it is much more expensive to save the tooth and get you out of pain. Alternatively, the only other option in this situation is to extract the tooth, which is also painful and causes long term consequences for the rest of your teeth. We want to avoid these situations for our patients.

Our dental reception team can give you more information about each dental payment plan option and help you work out which one will suit you best and assist you with the application process.
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