General dentistry

General dentistry involves treating a variety of dental problems that people face.
General dentistry is a range of treatments which allow dentists to preserve the oral health of our patients. In the past the general idea was that losing teeth is inevitable but today with the increased knowledge we have of the aetiology of tooth loss allows us to preserve our patients dentition and maintain the quality of life they have.
The major cause of tooth loss is either gum disease or tooth decay and both causes can be prevented and treated with regular check ups and general dentistry.

Our mouth is the entry point to our digestive and respiratory system and Oral health can be directly related to a number of health issues. Knowing the importance of our oral health can motivate us to maintain healthy dentition and gums. Seeing a dentist regularly and having general dental treatments done when needed can not only protect our oral health and also prevent any complicated and specialised treatments.

General Dentistry | Sunshine Coast

General dentistry can involve dental procedures such as making dentures, constructing mouth-guards, removing wisdom teeth, performing root canal treatments, constructing snoring appliances, helping address teeth grinding and taking x-rays to properly evaluate dental conditions.

Family Dentistry

Seeing a dentist every 6 months can substantially improve oral health. Additionally bringing children along during dental treatments for parents can promote a positive disposition towards seeing a dentist. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we are highly skilled at seeing both adults and children and our comprehensive recall system ensures that no patient is lost in the process of rebooking.

Root Canal Therapy

One of the main reasons of a toothache is nerve damage due to a large cavity or filling close to the nerve. Where the nerve inside of the tooth has been affected the only s possible treatments are root canal treatments or extractions.New developments in Dentistry has made Root Canal treatments quicker and less painful.


Mouthguard are crucial to protect teeth during sports and at Safe dentistry and Cosmetics we can fabricate mouthguard to any colour our children patients choose.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a highly common habit that can cause cracks and fractures in our teeth as well as headaches, muscle spasms and also joint pains. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we have a number of treatments for teeth grinding available which depends on the source behind this habit.
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