emergency dentistry

Every day we have specifically set-aside emergency appointments with our dentists across each of Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics.
At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we understand that emergencies can happen at any given time. That is why we have available emergency appointment everyday and even if we are fully booked for elective treatment for weeks we are able to see our existing or new patients on the same day.
We understand that for many people visiting a dentist can be a daunting experience and many dental issues are left until they cause pain or infection. We understand the reluctance to see a dentist and always aim to see patients for dental emergencies as soon as possible and assist them in rebuilding their oral health.

Dental emergencies can be caused by cavities, broken teeth, infection and trauma. Our highly trained staff are able to help our patients from giving helpful instructions over the phone and fitting in patients for emergency visits. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we also offer after-hours dental services and we have a team of skilled dentist who takes after hour phone calls and offer essential help to our emergency patients.

Emergency Dentistry | Sunshine Coast

We realise that the time when people most need a dentist is when they have a dental emergency. Whether you are an existing patient or have never seen us before we will do all we can to treat your emergency as a priority.

Broken Filling

Metal and composite fillings are the main two types of direct restorations we use to treat cavities in teeth. Although both these materials are strong they are not as strong as the natural tooth structure and that is why they may break and cause pain. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we have a guaranteed daily emergency appointment available to help our existing and new patients.

Broken Tooth

Teeth can break just like fillings. Cracks, cavities and decay can weaken the tooth structure. In most cases we can repair the tooth, but in some the tooth can be deemed hopeless and will need to be removed. Either case our friendly staff at Sage dentistry and cosmetics can help you when a tooth breaks.


Toothaches can be quite common and the first thing you need to do is to arrange to see a dentist. Tooth and gum originated pain become worse overtime. Infections can be one of the reasons behind a toothache and infections can spread and become more severe and cause swelling. If swelling occurs it is vital that you see your go or dentist as soon as possible.


Swelling can happen as a result of an infection in the gums or teeth. Swelling is our body’s
Reaction to an infection and should be taken seriously.
Swelling of the mouth, face, jaw and neck should be addressed immediately as it can affect our airway and cause life threatening issues.


Ulcers most commonly occur on the lips and cause minor discomfort. Mouth ulcers generally resolve after two weeks. If ulcers persist for more than two weeks they need to be checked to make sure ulcers are not viral or a possible cancer.


Infections of the oral cavity can have two possible causes, the teeth or gums. Infections can be chronic and create an abscess in gums. An abscess is similar to a boil in the gums and can have blood and pus exiting from it. Dental infections can become acute and cause discomfort and tenderness.


Traumas to the head and face can affect the teeth and cause fractures breaks or tooth even being knocked out. When fractures happen it is crucial that you seek emergency treatment with a dentist as soon as possible. Knocked out teeth need to be re inserted if possible urgently and will possibly require more extensive treatments in the future.


Extractions are performed when a tooth is unrestorable or hopeless. In these cases the tooth and surrounding gums are fully numbed and the tooth is removed gently with extraction instruments. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics we have state of the art radiographic devices to ensure the safety of the adjacent nerves and perform extractions as atraumatic as possible.
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