About us

Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics
At Sage Dentistry and Cosmetics we aim to provide personalised, quality dental care and prioritise our patients’ comfort and wellbeing.
We understand that visiting a dentist can be daunting for some people, that is why we have created an environment which allows patients to relax and reinforce a positive disposition towards seeing a dentist.
At Sage Dentistry and Cosmetics we tailor treatments based on our patients needs and desires. We prioritise preventative treatment and value educating our patients to ensure they can maintain optimum oral health.
Our Cosmetic dentist, at Sage Dentistry and Cosmetics is highly skilled at transforming and restoring smiles. She also is interested in anti-wrinkle and filler injections and are able to both improve aesthetics and treat clenching and grinding disorders.
Our Oral health therapist, Hassan is highly skilled at treating children adults who need preventative and restorative treatments. He has years of experience and loves his job.

Sage Doctors

Dr. Melika

Dr Melika completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2013 and enjoys all fields of dentistry. Melika is an advocate for preventive dentistry and has a very gentle and conservative approach in treating her patients. Melika prioritises her patient’s satisfaction and comfort above all else and is passionate about creating a safe environment where her patients can feel at ease.

Melika has been working as a General dentist since 2017 in Sydney and Sunshine coast and is always interested in new courses and workshops to keep her skills up to date. She believes in the pivotal role of Oral health in the quality of life of her patients and focuses her treatments to bring back function and aesthetics to their dentition.
Melika met Hassan on the Sunshine Coast and together they envisioned a practice that would be welcoming to people from all walks of life and provides quality treatment in a safe and relaxing environment.

Outside of work, you can find Melika taking her dogs to the beach, at yoga or dance classes and enjoying the beauties of the Sunny Coast.


Hassan Graduated from Otago University in New Zealand in 2011. He has also completed a post graduate certificate at Melbourne University in 2016. After working across a few practices in Australia, Hassan moved and fell in love with Sunshine Coast in 2014.

Hassan's main focus revolves around preventive and restorative dentistry, especially children and adults who have dental phobia or anxiety.

Hassan met Melika about 2.5 years ago. Their vision and passion for dentistry led them to creating Sage Dentistry and Cosmetics. Melika and Hassan also own two fur babies who love long beach walks.
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