Oral health

Oral Health is the most important aspect of dentistry.
Oral Health is the most important aspect of dentistry. The main focus of dental clinicians is to ensure that all their patient's able to speak, smile, swallow, taste and chew without any pain or discomfort.

Oral Health is an essential part of overall health and a key indicator of well-being and quality of life. Many recent research and studies have shown a direct link between Oral Health and many Systemic diseases including heart disease and diabetes.  Patients are able to maintain good oral health by brushing twice daily, flossing daily and visiting their dentists on 6 monthly intervals.

Oral Health| Sunshine Coast

At Sage Dentistry & Cosmetics l on the Sunshine Coast we can advise on oral health.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is the inflammation and infection of our gum tissues. Gum disease has been related to a number of systemic diseases such as Heart disorders, Diabetes, adverse Pregnancy outcomes , Kidney infections and Osteoporosis. Advanced stages of a gum disease is called Periodontitis which can cause serious damage to the teeth and supporting tissue and lead to tooth loss.

Dental Decay

Dental decay is caused by a series of factors which include diet, oral hygiene habits and the environment of the mouth. Recognising the early sings and eliminating the risk factors, is the key to minimise your chances of developing dental cavities. 
Dental cavities are preventable like many other diseases if the correct measures have been taken. Adopting to a good home oral health care regimen is one of the best ways to prevent dental cavities. 

Oral Pathologies

One of the main aspects of dental exams is routine 6 monthly checks for any changes in the soft tissue that can be potentially malignant. Oral Pathologies may cause substantial damage to the surrounding tissues if not detected and treated early. At Sage dentistry and cosmetics our clinicians are highly skilled at detecting early signs of tissue changes.
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